We are proud to announce that SOTETEL teams have just successfully completed two telecommunication infrastructure deployment projects for Tunisie Telecom and its customers in the Tunisian desert.

Modernization of the fiber optic transport network in southern Tunisia:

Governorate of Tataouine:

A regional transmission axis of 30 kilometers of fiber optics connecting Beni Mhira to the site El Morra while watering the localities of Elmorra, Griffa, Macheh Saleh, Sidi Toui and Etalg.
A regional fiber optic transmission link of about 80 kilometers connecting Bir 30 to Jbal Angar by interconnecting the localities of Bir 30, Bir 50, Remada and Jbal Angar.

Governorate of Tozeur and Gafsa:

A regional transmission link in optical fibers of 30 kilometers which connects Tamaghza to Redayef with the targeted ramifications and touching the localities of Tamaghza, Aîn El Karma, Rmitha and Mides.

Installation of a new site Radiomobile Chouech Essaida - Governorate of Tataouine:

The implementation of a mobile station with VSAT connectivity in the heart of the SAHARA in a white zone

Our deepest congratulations go to our competent and committed technical teams. We would like to thank our partner Tunisie Télécom for their trust. A big Bravo to everyone who contributed to the success of these projects.
“Success is not an option…!”

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