Quality policy

At SOTETEL, we have implemented an approach that embodies our vision and reflects our ongoing commitment to meeting the requirements for our services and continually improving our quality management system. This progress momentum is organized around the following main strategic axes:

We are committed to applying the provisions put in place to ensure the efficiency of our quality management system on a regular basis, and to providing the necessary means to achieve the expected objectives.


Occupational Health
and Safety Policy

SOTETEL considers its human resources as its main asset.
Thus, we are aware that the health and safety of our staff is a priority for the proper functioning of our activities. Our health and safety policy is rigorously monitored to ensure the effectiveness of the means implemented for the constant improvement of safety on our sites.
Employees at all levels including executive management are responsible for the company's overall safety initiatives. The full and active participation and membership of all employees every day is essential to their safety in the workplace.

Our objectives:


Code of Ethics and Conduct

Convinced, since its creation, of its sustainability and its upholding of its leading position as a main and active actor in the development of communication networks, both within the country and abroad, SOTETEL cannot be limited to challenges to get contracts and projects solely; the Code of Ethics and Conduct was naturally established in an environment of trust, transparency, integrity and universal common principles.

This code is intended, on the one hand, to the members of the company towards each other, and on the other, to the members of the company towards clients, partners and suppliers.

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