Network infrastructure

Wireline networks

SOTETEL has extensive experience in deploying networks and fiber optic backbone PDH-SDH and WDM with secure and redundant solutions.

We will ensure :

The Recognition of sites to shelter equipment and dimensioning.
The development of network architecture engineering documentation and environmental technical solutions as well as development of the documentation of equipment installation
The deployment of copper networks, Optical Fiber, backbone and related environmental solutions: Energy, air conditioning and security systems, installation, testing and measurements.

SOTETEL implements any High Speed Broadband telecommunications framework of type FTTx necessary to serve your subdivisions and your real estate complexes, buildings, residential and commercial homes.

An infrastructure deployed by optical fiber technology allowing a very High Speed Broadband and offering a wide range of products and services to connect everything. We will achieve the different layers of your networks namely:

Physical infrastructure layers: ducts, main holes, street cabinets and ducts and wiring closets …
Passive optical infrastructure layers: Fiber optic cables, splice enclosures, patching cabinets, distribution frame, building distributor, connector accessories, connection points, branching (Networks: FTTB, FTTH, FTTC, …)
Active infrastructure layers, active devices, and network architecture connecting your network to the home node through a dedicated physical medium (Networks: GPON, IP-MSAN, in-building wiring, …)

The connection of the end customer to the access network is also our expertise.

SOTETEL provides preventive and curative maintenance of all your high speed access networks as well as your active and environmental equipment.

We also perform auditing, upgrading and deviation of your wired telecommunication networks.



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Wireless network

The establishment of radio infrastructure is our job

Our experience and the complete range of services differentiates us and keeps us as a leader in this market.
For years, SOTETEL has been operating in the installation of wireless networks – Microwave transmission -and GSM networks.


The establishment of radio infrastructure is our job



Infrastructure and implementation of radio networks

Infrastructure and implementation of radio networks by Microwave transmission:

The recognition of the courses and the establishment of a report of the site survey.
The study and engineering of radio link balance reports.
The development of the execution plans with all its details.
The implementation of a methodology and choice of means of implementation of civil engineering works to recommend according to nature and sites and types of towers.
The sizing of the backbone network - Microwave transmission and the development of the project engineering documentation.
The implementation of the network architecture and technical solutions and the provision of different types of antenna supports (towers, masts,) and accessories.
The execution of civil works and foundation, implementation of antenna supports and accessories.
The installation and testing of Microwave transmission with its energy and air conditioning equipment and security.
The supply of technical documentation.

Infrastructure and implementation of GSM mobile networks :

Recognition of sites and the establishment of the Site Survey report
Engineering of GSM sites and the development of detailed pre-project (APD)
Site searching and contract negotiations of their acquisitions on behalf of the operators.
Supply and installation of metal structures (masts, towers as well as various antenna mounting brackets...)
Expertise for reinforcing metal structures housing antennas and equipment
Realization of the civil works necessary for the installation of the metal structures, fences of the sites ...
Maintenance of GSM sites (preventive and curative)
Installation, testing, commissioning and technical acceptance of equipment (BTS, GSM antennas and MSAN equipment …)
Integration of solutions (GSM network and MSAN equipment…)
Supervision, control and acceptance
Technical assistance for operators
Optimization of radio networks
Installation of MSAN equipment and energy workshops


Infrastructure and implementation of GSM mobile networks


Internet Protocol of Microwave Transmission Solution

SOTETEL offers solutions for microwave transmission

SOTETEL offers solutions for full-duplex point-to-point IP-based microwave transmission (full outdoor IP micro-waves) in order to meet the needs of businesses in terms of MPLS data access.

The supply of IP of microwave transmission equipment to be deployed in the premises of the telecom operator as well as the client sites (companies) and this in accordance with the detailed scope and the link budget.
The IP of microwave transmission solution consists in installing the proposed IP of microwave transmission equipment, their commissioning and their integration with the network nodes (access switches, metro Ethernet, IP / MPLS Backbone) of the telecom operator.
The supply of the NMS management system (hardware and software)and its installation
The supply of equipment and installation accessories.
The supply and installation of client-side masts and Operators.
Technical support and maintenance.

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