Communication and information solutions

The Collaborative Intelligence and Unified Communication, a key factor in the performance and productivity of companies

With a decentralized organizational structure, the multiplication of partners and the nomadism of employees, companies must deploy unified communication and collaboration tools to meet the demands of these new challenges.

To build an organization:

More efficient
More agile
More innovative

Working differently has become a strategic challenge while valuing:

Collaborative Intelligence by means of collaborative work tools
Unified Communication which unifies and integrates the most effective and efficient means of communication from anywhere, at any time and with any connected tool.

The service offering focuses on:

Real-time interpersonal communication tools, such as fixed-line and mobile telephony over IP, video telephony, audio / video conferencing, contact centers and IVRs, office automation tools.
Collaborative work tools such as unified and instant messaging, calendars, word processing, presentation software, presence and telepresence, web conferencing, document sharing and management systems, contact centers and IVRs.

With flexible handling from:

Landline office telephone set
Desktop or laptop computer …

Collaboration & Unified

Key factor in the performance and competitiveness of companies


Videosurveillance « CCTV »

An essential component of your security.

A video surveillance system brings real efficiency in the prevention, identification and establishment of proof.

It also strengthens the responsiveness of its alarm verification capabilities and helps to make appropriate decisions.

SOTETEL offers a wide range of reliable and scalable IP cameras, coupled with recording and operating servers to make the most of global or local video surveillance.

The main objectives of a video surveillance solution:

The monitoring of the most important locations and their peripheries.
The quick identification of problems and an easier removal of doubt.
The easy and centralized access to images stored by video recorders
The optimization your overall security through an effective combination along with other components such as access control, intrusion detection, ....

The benefits of video surveillance:

Indoor / outdoor cameras and wired or wireless communication
Clarity of images even in difficult and reduced lighting conditions and an unstable environment...
Optimized vision and perfect tracking of scenes to be observed
Handling of matters such as the protection of individuals, equipment and merchandise and better control of visitor or customer flows

The benefits of the IP cameras range:

Day / night IP cameras
Cameras with plate reading for vehicle identification and parking management
Fixed or PTZ dome IP cameras
Infrared cameras facilitate the removal of doubt
Thermal cameras for the identification of people or animals in nocturnal or unstable environment
Easy integration into your overall security system through programming interfaces and interoperability standards
Compliance with the ONVIF standard

An optimized operation of your video images:

With IP video recording servers that have revolutionized the archiving of images recorded by IP cameras
With operating servers that have brought real flexibility by contributing to intelligent and optimized video surveillance

The main objectives of the CCTV offer:

Eliminating the human presence in video surveillance thanks to an intelligent and autonomous system: pre-established scenarios and interoperability (access control, intrusion detection, technical alarms, etc.)
Facilitating image usage by remotely and securely accessing recorded videos
Having high definition image quality to facilitate operation and decision-making
Reducing operating costs with a centralized IP server which stores all images
Improving the responsiveness and establishment of proof by providing intelligent scene searching functions (pixel-based area search)
Ensuring investment sustainability by providing a storage solution compatible with most IP cameras on the market (ONVIF)

A different television and interactive services that would make your hotel or your hospital’s communication dynamic!

IPTV, VOD, Interactive television, customized services and contents offer comfort and well-being to your customers by providing new services, quality entertainment.

By simply adding an IP Box, you can switch from traditional passive television to an interactive television (IPTV), a marketing tool for the continuous promotion of the services of your establishment and those of your partners.

Your customers will enjoy at home an HD technology combined with a comprehensive range of services.

Personalized service
Multilingual menu
A range of TVs and Radios
A range of movies on demand
Hotel or hospital information portal: internal channels with personalized information: promotion of your services, your activities …
The information portal is a scalable interactive television solution that adapts to your needs and your budget.

By communicating through IPTV with your customers in their own rooms through attractive content, you generate additional revenue by offering reservations for spa, golf, restaurants, room reservations, promotional offers.
By differentiating yourselves, you are reinforcing customer loyalty and gaining in occupancy rates at a lower cost.



Allow your client to interact with the television in his room



Engage your clients

Inform and promote but in a more personalized and effective way.

Main advantages :

Centralized planning and flexible model design
Controlled release of your multimedia content on screens of the same area or remote locations
HD images and videos
Centralized updates in real time

Features of the solution:

Centralized: Each device can be connected to a central platform in order to allow content management from any location
Interactive: The interactive digital display draws the attention of your customers, and ensures a greater level of their commitment to your service
Dynamic: The dynamic content can be easily changed and managed to deliver updated and interesting content for customers at all stages.

Why switch to a dynamic display?

Time saving
Savings in paper and ink
Flexibility and speed
Modernity and novelty
New possibilities
Improved customer expectations
Improved user experience

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