Data center Solutions

The role of the Data Center has evolved within the company to achieve a high degree of criticality.

The reliability and availability of information have become two key missions of data center management.

The data center must be accessible and serve the operational and commercial needs of the business or administration. SOTETEL provides all the services and benefits related to the study, implementation, installation and commissioning.

With an experience of more than 36 years in the implementation of telecom and IT infrastructures, SOTETEL assists you in the design of your server and computer rooms (Study of the site eligibility, risk assessment, classification, room plans and room layout, false ceilings, false flooring, sound insulation, thermal insulation, firewalls, air containment ... weak current wiring, heavy current distribution, fire detection systems ...) while meeting international standards.
In order to optimize all assets and make them more reliable, the environment in a data center must comply with the standards and specifications described in international standards such as temperature, humidity... SOTETEL assists you in evaluating the needs for air conditioning, air containment and extraction.
Access control
Data centers should be closely monitored, with permanent guarding, video surveillance, access control, attendance systems. In order to prevent any intrusion, access should be controlled: badge readers, biometric recognition systems, S.A.S systems, surveillance cameras. SOTETEL will study and implement the access control system according to the degree of criticality of the data stored and according to the existing standards.

Data Center

The role of the Data Center has evolved within the company to achieve a high degree of criticality



SOTETEL assists its clients to size their computing capacity needs and offers them a wide range of servers, workstations and servers infrastructure management software.

Because your data is precious, we offer you the best solutions to ensure their backup and protection.

Our technical expertise enables us to determine the most appropriate storage infrastructure for your needs and subsequently offer you the best solutions.




Sotetel helps you to lead your expertise and engineering projects in the areas of virtualization.

We carry out your expertise and engineering projects in the fields of virtualization :

Server environments
Our experts and engineers master the technologies related to virtualization as well as approaches of the transformation and migration of existing environments to virtualized platforms.

SOTETEL has network engineers who are certified from primary suppliers and have good expertise in multi-vendor solutions.

Our team designs agile, scalable, reliable, highly available and secure networking solutions to meet the requirements of slightest data centers.
SOTETEL is the perfect partner to help you analyze, set and implement your security strategy in the Data Center.


Routing, switching, Firewalling



Sotetel helps you create a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment,

SOTETEL has expertise in the design and implementation of a public, private or hybrid cloud environments, based on an existing infrastructure, or by designing a new architecture.

Our experts help you benefit from the competitive advantages of storing, calculating and processing the information available on the cloud to reduce their commissioning, operation and maintenance costs and accelerate innovation by improving collaboration by partners and clients.
Our experts help you choose operating systems and the best cloud platforms, integrating open source solutions and/or owners, as well as deploying cloud solutions that meet your time constraints, business initiatives and budget requirements.

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