IOT & Smart cities

SOTETEL assists you in renovating your lighting installations and ensuring savings.

Activating your lighting according to the brightness and the presence of objects and individuals.
Ensuring the safety of people and property according to your needs.
Having real-time information on the status of your lighting.
Optimizing the lighting service for your customers and citizens.
Achieving savings.
Optimizing your budgets.


SOTETEL helps you to initiate the digital transformation.



SOTETEL helps you to start the digital transformation.

To intelligently move goods and people and achieve savings.

Having real-time information about your means of land transport, both for you and citizens.
Having information on traffic situations.
Having real-time decision support tools.
Improving the conditions of public transport.
Improving the daily lives of citizens.

SOTETEL supports you in order to achieve these challenges and offers you reliable and sustainable solutions which respect the environment.

Picking up garbage according to the capacity of waste bins.
Transferring information to citizens in regards to the garbage collection trucks timings.
Optimizing public service.
Improving the city’s image.
Improving living conditions.

Smart waste

Waste-collection management is one of your main concerns.



SSOTETEL helps you to save on your resources.

SOTETEL proposes to use technological means to intelligently embellish your public spaces.

Irrigating your public spaces taking into account meteorological and hydrological data, in particular the temperature, soil moisture levels, rainfall levels.
Protecting the environment
Optimizing your resources
Acting according to your needs

SOTETEL provides you with solutions in a reliable and transparent environment to adjust your consumption.

Instantly measuring your energy consumption in your premises, working places and production sites.
Detecting energy-consuming equipment and making optimization decisions.
Achieving savings.


Real-time control of your electricity consumption and achieving savings.

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